Here are my two most recently created web sites.  Click on an image to view:
With so many web designers to choose from, why choose Mitchell Photo & Design?
1) My web design philosophy is to design a site based upon what YOU want, NOT what I think will make me the most money!
Some businesses simply want a site to display what they sell, but some web designers try to convince them to spend thousands of dollars setting up an e-commerce site, for example.  I will work with you to come up with the solution that you want and what's best for your business, not mine.
NOTE:  I do not charge a standard price to design a web site.  The price is dependent upon your individual situation and is based upon the number of hours to complete.
2) I specialize in minimalist, uncluttered designs that get straight to the point.
3) No customer or site is "too small."​​​​​​​
Professional-quality versus amateur (i.e. smartphone) photos of your products and/or location can greatly impact your site's effectiveness.
4) There is no monthly maintenance fee.
Unlike most other web designers, I DO NOT charge a monthly maintenance fee once the site is up and running.  Any updates or changes are per request only and billed once at year end.
NOTE:  As with all websites, there are two standard annual fees:  1) to keep your website address (domain name) active and 2) to host your site on a server.
5) I can also take professional-quality photos of your products and/or location.
You can use them for inclusion on your website and on print media (brochures, flyers, etc.).  The difference between amateur photos versus those taken by a professional photographer are often very noticeable, and this can have a large impact upon your site's effectiveness.
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